Kia ora!

I was introduced to parkour in 2008, the same year I began my undergraduate studies in Sport and Exercise Science at Wintec. This was the kindling of a triune love affair between me, parkour and education; I’ve been training, learning and teaching ever since.

I’m currently at the University of Waikato completing my PhD thesis – Making the Jump: Examining the Development of Parkour in New Zealand.

I’m founding member of the New Zealand Parkour Association (NZ Parkour), current CEO (2013-present) and head coach.

I was also a key contributor in the founding of Parkour Earth, the International Federation for Parkour/Freerunning/Art du Déplacement and am an elected director on the board.

While I’m interested in all things parkour, I’m particularly interested in how parkour relates to the topics of globalisation, health and safety reform, coaching, physical education, public policy, emotional geography, and sociology.

I think parkour is serious fun (that’s for you Ted).

NOTE: The thoughts expressed on this website are my own and not that of the organisations I am part of or relate to (i.e. University of Waikato, NZ Parkour, Parkour Earth).